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Shrink films
Industrial packaging films

A new generation of shrink-wrap films
with the highest level of protection


  • Maximum stability and elasticity
  • Lower energy and resource consumption
  • Optically brilliant pallet, no wrinkles, no holes
  • Co-extruded separating films for the beverage industry
  • For unstable goods, such as beverage bottles, it provides secure hold without adhering to the product or damaging printed areas.


RKW has developed a new generation of shrink-wrap films. Think!Shrink is more expandable than comparable film solutions, requiring at least 10% less material and offering the highest level of protection for products, such as glasses or bottles.

Think!Shrink is an expandable shrink-wrap film that can be applied to fit the packaged materials perfectly. The advantages: Perfect stability, less excess film, no wrinkling, as well as faster and greater shrinkage with less energy consumption. With Think!Shrink you profit from energy savings of up to 10% for your pallet packaging—while conserving more resources and getting better stability. Think!Shrink is the future-oriented solution for shrink-wrap films. Everything else is just out of date.

10% LESS