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RKW ProVent® Advanced
Self-venting industrial bags

The premium solution for the high
demands of brand manufacturers


  • Clean, safe and easy to handle
  • Greater customer satisfaction leads to stronger preference
  • All-round printing ensures a consistent brand identity
  • Enhanced recognition value
  • All-round safe transportation protection


RKW ProVent® Advanced is the premium solution for the high demands of brand manufacturers. The new, fully integrated venting system has a seam-free front, which allows no-compromise print design. For an unmistakable and convincing brand presence at the point of sale!

Secure a competitive edge with the RKW ProVent® Advanced

In fiercely competitive markets, the user-friendly RKW ProVent® plastic sacks offer clear competitive advantages. The high-quality packaging sets itself apart from the competition and has a positive impact on the overall quality perception of the brand and the product.

It guarantees recognition, helps establish a preference and creates scope for premium prices and expansion of market share.


Available Add-ons

RKW Group - ProVent Icons Advanced easy open

Easy Open

Easy to open without a knife or scissors

RKW Group - ProVent Icons Advanced Easy Carry

Easy Carry

Integrated carrying handle for convenient transport

RKW Group - ProVent Icons Advanced Easy Reclosable

Easy Reclosable

Allows opened sacks to be resealed

With over 400 million samples sold, the RKW ProVent® family of products is today the top-selling solution for the packaging and marketing of powdery goods in the building materials, construction chemicals, chemical and food industries.