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RKW ProVent® I RKW ECORE Series
Self-venting industrial bags

Discover the sustainable
alternative to paper sacks


RKW Group - ProVent Icons ECORE5
RKW Group - ProVent Icons ECORE5
RKW Group - ProVent Icons ECORE5
RKW Group - ProVent Icons ECORE5

100% recyclable

Maximum product protection

40% less packaging material

Moisture barrier and UV protection

Clean overall process


Environmental protection starts with product protection. Building materials, chemicals, construction chemicals or food are produced consuming large amounts of energy and emitting significant quantities of CO2. Manufacturing 25 kg of cement, for example, releases 14 kg of CO2. Every undamaged sack helps to protect our environment. With sales in excess of 450 million units, the RKW ProVent® range offers ultimate product protection—because 99.5% of our sacks remain intact throughout their use.

The RKW ProVent® from the RKW ECORE series adopts the same sustainable concept, as it is made partly of recycled plastic waste. What’s more, the RKW ProVent® can be completely recycled. This means that for 10 years now the RKW ProVent® range has met the requirements of the EU standard for 2020.

With over 400 million samples sold, the RKW ProVent® family of products is today the top-selling solution for the packaging and marketing of powdery goods in the building materials, construction chemicals, chemical and food industries.

100 %
EU NORM 2020