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RKW ProVent® Classic
Self-venting industrial bags

Proven quality with high print
quality and highest functional safety


  • Safe outdoor storage in all seasons
  • Moisture protection up to 40 times greater than paper sacks
  • Impact and tear resistant packaging for safe transportation and handling
  • Significantly extended product storage life
  • High-quality printing


Proven over more than 10 years, this popular classic features the well-known venting system. The RKW ProVent® Classic supports a high print quality and—like the entire product family—offers a high level of functional safety. All sacks are impact and tear proof and remain robust even when subjected to higher loads.

High-performance yet economical packaging solution

Thanks to their high level of weather resistance, RKW ProVent® sacks can also be used to store your powdery products safely outdoors. This provides a cost-effective and easy method of extending storage capacities. Even bulk goods that are particularly sensitive to moisture, such as plaster or cement, are safe outside.

The intelligent venting system ensures that nothing can penetrate from outside: No dust, no dirt, no moisture—even after several hours of immersion in a water bath.

OVER 450

Available Add-ons

RKW Group - ProVent Icons Classic Barriere


Enhanced water barrier for particularly hydrophilic goods

RKW Group - ProVent Icons Classic Tight down


Additional longitudinal seam to protect particularly fine powder

RKW Group - ProVent Icons Classic Seal


Improved sealing seam for highly contaminated weld areas

With over 400 million samples sold, the RKW ProVent® family of products is today the top-selling solution for the packaging and marketing of powdery goods in the building materials, construction chemicals, chemical and food industries.