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"Horizon is a logical step because it is sustainable""

Interview with Mussie Berhane
Vice President Packaging & Industrial


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RKW Horizon®

A powerful MDO-PE film which facilitates mono material structures to be easy recycled.


RKW Horizon® is a 100% PE film with high transparency and high stiffness, dedicated as a printable outer layer in laminations with low SIT heat-sealable PE films.

  • Made of 100% polyethylene films
  • Efficient – easy to convert and to print
  • High flexibility and stiffness
  • Suitable for all printing technologies
  • Many customized add-ons: Metallization, coating, treatments etc.

Unbeatable Features

  • Enhanced mechanical properties: tensile strength puncture resistance, stiffness, dead-fold, easy tearing in one direction, and high machine-direction shrinkage.
  • Enhanced optical properties: high transparency and gloss.
  • Enhanced barrier properties: enabling down-gauged films while retaining the same oxygen and water barrier properties of thicker films.
  • Film down-gauging: less source materials, less packaging and less transportation costs, thus reducing CO2 footprint, while retaining and improving film properties.

New areas of application

  • Outer layer as printing replacement for PET/OPP in packaging for pet food, snacks and treats, cereals, sweets
  • MDO-PE film with EVOH layer for barrier properties for food conservation for nuts, coffee, meat, cheese
  • Cavitated (CaCO3 filled) white films in packaging for sealing, cold seal (chocolate bars, ice cream labels) and label applications
  • Metallization / coating adding improved water vapor barrier for nuts, crisps and coffee
  • Twist film for candies and sweets

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