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Polydress® FarmGuard
Silage barrier film


Next generation films
with advanced e7-layer technology


  • Flexible widths from 8 m to 16 m / 32 ft up to 50 ft
  • Up to 100 times higher oxygen barrier than in standard silage films
  • Sustainable concept (resource-saving film, lower CO2 footprint, 100% recyclable)
  • Easy handling (less weight, no vacuum film necessary)
  • Highest durability (outstanding dart drop, high tensile strength)


Polydress® FarmGuard is a new high performance silage film based on Europe’s latest 7-layer technology and offers a full package of powerful features. Due to an outstanding oxygen barrier the ingress of oxygen in the feedstock is prevented and the silage quality remains at a high level for a long time. This avoids silage losses, preserves the nutritional value and allows a longer storage of the silage material.

Polydress® FarmGuard stands for peace of mind, because it is characterized by an unrivaled durability and resilience. Furthermore the film offers maximum sustainability like 100 % recyclability, less waste during the production process, less forage and no need of an additional underlayer film.


Technical Data

* All products are available in flexible lengths and widths. The exact individual dimensions and information on global UV stability are available on request from our Agri team.

RKW’s e7 for advanced product performance


Layer NumberLayer Function
Layer 1Light tight black layer
Layer 2Improved tensile strength
Layer 3Improved elasticity
Layer 4EVOH oxygen barrier
Layer 5Improved flexibility
Layer 6Improved tear resistance
Layer 7White layer / UV protection
18 months (120 kly) Central Europe
12 months (120kly) high UV region

One of the best oxygen barrier films in the market


Outstanding Dart Drop

Peace of mind due to an unrivaled durability and resilience


Dart drop ≥ 750g ensures high mechanical properties and optimal handling features
Compared to standard silage films in the RKW silage portfolio


Professional cover for extreme weather and usage conditions, with very high gas tightness to ensure excellent silage


Silage cover to ensure maximum silage quality for premium meat and milk production

RKW Dart Drop 750
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Save time and money:
2in1 film solution


100× higher oxygen