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PCR Collation Shrink Film


Sustainable collation shrink films for standout shelf appeal and reliable bundling

RKW Multipack helps you be highly visible on the shelf and makes on-the-go consumption easier by providing sustainable multipack solutions with focus on maximum usage of recycled content, high-level protection, EGP™ printing, personalized and fast technical support.

Unbeatable Features

  • Up to 100% recycled content
  • Up to 68% reduced carbon footprint
  • High resolution and multi-color visuals with optimal brand presentation
  • High level of mechanical performance with reduced level of thickness
  • High flexibility and stiffness allowing easy opening and on-the-go consumption
  • EGP™ printing technology

Areas of Application

  • Beverages in PET bottles or cans
    (water, CSD, beer, juice, syrups, etc.)
  • Food/non-food in tin cans, plastic containers
    (instant coffee, pet food, etc.)
  • Dairy products in HD bottles or bricks
    (milk, milk drinks, etc.)

Diverse packaging formats and sizes

RKW Group - Multipack Icons Mini-Pack

Mini packs

2- or 4-packs for promotional offers or smaller needs

RKW Group - Multipack Icons 6 Pack


Classic retail pack format

RKW Group - Multipack Icons Big Pack

Big packs

Up to 40 units without cardboard pads or trays

RKW Group - Multipack Icons Nested Pack

Nested packs

Special arrangement for increased pallet stability and less material

RKW Group - Multipack Icons FullyEnclosed FilmPack

FullyEnclosed FilmPack™ (KHS)

Film pack solutions without bull’s eye


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