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Jef Ryvers
Dairy farmer

Protecting silage is always a time consuming job. I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve ripped holes in the under film layer when trying to lay out the top layer of film. Hytidouble® is as simple as it is handy: the two film layers are rolled out over the silage in one go. No static electricity, no creases, no unevenness.

Pulling the film over only once also means battling against the wind only once. When laying two layers separately you can never seem to find enough people around to help you do it right. Hytidouble® is the ideal answer for everyone who wants to get the job done fast, efficiently and right first time.

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Cover and vacuum film on one roll

RKW Group - performance plus


Hytidouble® is a clever high-performance solution which saves you time and resources. With the cover and vacuum film conveniently folded together on one roll, unfolding is so easy. In a short time, your film will be firmly in place.

50% LESS

Explore the clever combination of cover and vacuum film on one roll

RKW Group - Hytidouble Numbers
  1. Transparent lower layer
  2. No light transmission through upper layer
  3. Unique folding pattern—easy to unfold
  4. Silage cover and vacuum film on a single roll
  5. Durable and supreme quality film
  6. Cover the silage bunker in one move
  7. Unfolds swiftly and symmetrically
RKW Group - Hytidouble-Icons


RKW Group - Hytidouble-Icons

All in one

With Hytidouble® you have both the perfect vacuum and top film layers conveniently folded together on one roll

RKW Group - Hytidouble-Icons

Quick and easy

Twice as fast as covering silage using two separate films

RKW Group - Hytidouble-Icons

No more risk of punching holes

By laying the two layers in one movement, you no longer risk punching holes in the underlayer

Roll off and fold open. Simple as that!

Easy unfolding with unique system, and in a short time, your film will be firmly in place.

RKW Group - Hytidouble-Numbers
  1. The clever combination of two films on one roll makes the coverage of your silage fast and easy.
  2. Instead of positioning two separate films, Hytidouble® is already perfectly placed from the start.
  3. After the placement on your silage, you can unfold the two films effectively together in one single step.
  4. The perfect positioning of the two films ensures a constant quality and a better result for your silage.

Hytidouble® silage and underlayer film on one roll is a combination system of Hermetix® and vacuum film.

*Other lengths available on request. 
If you need further information regarding available colors and lengths, please call us.

Protecting silage is always a time-consuming job

Storing silage under cover is the traditional and easiest way of conserving food for your animals. To cover the stored silage properly, you first need to spread out an underfilm.

Thanks to its adhesive properties, the vacuum film will fit snugly to the stored foodstuff, reducing the air circulation. The robust agricultural film will protect your stored silage against the worst of the elements.

We continuously seek out innovative products. We have developed a new, exclusive folding method for our Hytidouble® product, bringing together two familiar and trusted films onto one roll. This has many advantages.

The conservation of silage made from grass and forage crops is an essential part of modern beef and dairy production systems.

Our innovative and powerful silage solutions help you achieve both high performance and excellent efficiency. If you are interested in how you can improve the quality of your silage and how you can profit from the latest technological trends, we invite you to contact our experts.