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Food bags
Consumer packaging films

Block headed bags, Food wrap sheets
Paperlike sheets, Bottom fold bags, Side seal


  • Keeping food fresher for maximum freshness.
  • Made from high-quality virgin material, giving you superior plastic quality for health.
  • Perfect for any kind of food you want to keep fresher for longer.
  • With write-on panels and twist ties, they are perfect for use in commercial kitchens.
RKW Group - Product Food bags


The RKW food bags, whether in side seal or bottom fold bag configuration, are most often used for food storage or portion many kinds of foods such as fruits, vegetables, fish or meat. Our food bags keep products fresh for longer and make identification easier. They can be used for food storage in refrigerators and freezers.


Technical specification

  • Material: LLDPE, HDPE
  • Keeps food from -40 °C up to +110 °C
  • With write-on panel and twist ties (clip)
  • Size : 1L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L
  • Thickness : 20-40µm
  • Extremely high temperature vs normal freezer and cooking bags
  • Suitable for use as freezer bag and cooking bag