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Co-ex films (optional barrier)
Technical films

High performance co-ex films
with and without barrier


  • Widest range
  • Barrier function as option
  • Customized solutions


Our wide range of co-ex films provides you with the solution you need. Whenever with or without barrier, RKW is your partner of choice. The expectations of barrier films continue to grow in size and number as converters and consumers call for first-day freshness, durability against wear and tear, and lighter filmstock for improved environmental impact. But our barrier films know no limits, which is why the team at RKW will balance all the performance characteristics of EVOH, nylon, and other engineered resins to deliver effective barrier film solutions on time, every time.


Tailor-made to your demands

Product range

  • Barrier films (up to 7 layers)
    - with EVOH
    - with Nylon
    - or with Nylon & EVOH
  • Multilayer films with or without high barrier properties
    - Excellent Oxygen/and moisture barrier
    - Sealable or peelable
    - Low temperature sealing (SIT – seal initiation temperature)
    - Excellent Hot Tack
    - Antifog


  • Food and beverage packaging
  • Snacks
  • Frozen food
  • Fresh and frozen meet
  • Cheese
  • Bakery
  • Coffee
  • Stand-up pouches
  • Pharmaceutical packaging