Courage to Lead
the RKW Leadership Standards

The world of work has changed fundamentally in recent years - a transformation that has been further accelerated by the corona pandemic in recent months. According to a survey by the Federal Statistical Office, 22 percent of the working population in Germany is now under 30 years of age. If the under-40s are included, the figure rises to well over 40 percent. The same is true for most other countries in Europe and North America.

It is clear that a demographic development like this is not without consequences. Today, Millennials and Generation-Z have completely different expectations of their workplace than was usual ten or 20 years ago. In short, they are not looking for a job, but for a real challenge. This is one of the reasons why it is now considered a compulsory exercise for companies to become aware of their own mission, their own purpose. At RKW we have a clear picture in mind for this: "With sustainable film solutions we enable our customers to improve the daily lives of consumers all over the world.”

But a mission like this can only form the basis. An important part of any corporate culture is leadership principles that govern daily interaction and serve as a guideline for all colleagues. This creates clarity and transparency.

In the RKW Group we work with management principles, the so-called Leadership Standards, which we regularly adapt to changing conditions. Here are our five Leadership Standards:

  • We give orientation
  • We develop our talent
  • We take initiative
  • We drive change – with courage
  • We achieve ambitious, yet realistic targets

You can find more about our culture and core values such as respect and reliability on our career pages. There you can also find out how colleagues experience this in their daily work.