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Frankenthal (Germany), October 21, 2020 – RKW assumes responsibility and acts in the spirit of sustainability, which is firmly anchored in the corporate strategy of one of the world's leading manufacturers of film solutions. After an extensive summer campaign, in which the company reported on its commitment and employees were active worldwide, a cash donation of EUR 5,000 has now been granted to the project "Oceans without plastic" of NABU Germany.

Between July and September 2020, RKW conducted a comprehensive campaign to highlight the importance placed by the company on sustainability at all levels as well as RKW’s direct contributions.

RKW pursues a comprehensive approach that involves supporting sustainable goals on several levels: The company's involvement in cross-industry initiatives such as Zero Pellet Loss and ERDE specifically helps to reduce the release of plastics into the environment. Research and development activities take into account the concept of the Circular Economy, which includes an increased use of recycled plastic waste. At the same time, product solutions for fully recyclable packaging materials are being introduced to the market. RKW production sites are certified in accordance with the strict requirements of Ecovadis. The assessments are based on international sustainability standards, including the United Nations Global Compact.

The campaign took even more hands-on turn in recent weeks as top management joined colleagues worldwide to manually collect litter from natural environments – for example, at the RhineCleanup in Frankenthal, the beach in Helsingborg, Sweden, or Guangzhou, China. A total of six sites in three countries took part in the waste collection initiatives. The activities sent a clear signal: We are part of the community and we get involved.

As the 2020 sustainability campaign draws to a close, RKW has now donated EUR 5,000 to the "Oceans without plastic" project of the German Society for Nature Conservation (NABU). "We as RKW Group have been committed for years to giving plastics a sustainable perspective and further expanding the circular economy. It is therefore only logical to support projects and initiatives that also make a concrete contribution to more sustainability and environmental protection," says Harald Biederbick, CEO of RKW SE.

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