Maximum stability with sustainable films


Nordhorn (Germany), March 9, 2022 – Stretch hood films with a 30 percent content of recyclates from RKW in Nordhorn ensure smooth processing and safe transport of goods at ARGUS Additive Plastics GmbH in Büren (Germany).

"With the sustainable stretch hoods, we use efficient packaging that gives our pallets the stability they need and at the same time reinforces our commitment to climate protection," says Sascha Hirsch, Managing Director of ARGUS Additive Plastics GmbH. Stretch hoods are subjected to enormous mechanical stresses and they help simplify goods logistics and ensure transport safety. At ARGUS, these are pallets weighing between 1.25 and 1.375 metric tons that are safely packed.

Combining safe quality and sustainability is the goal of research and development at RKW; more and more solutions are being produced with increasing proportions of recyclates, including heavy-duty stretch hoods. "In this new formulation, we use a 30 percent share of recyclates from household and commercial waste, which must meet high quality standards," says Frank Busmann, development expert at RKW in Nordhorn.

In this way, RKW is meeting its own demand to reuse more plastics and at the same time meeting the needs of customers such as ARGUS: "From the initial sampling to the present day, the stretch hoods could be processed as well as the products without the before mentioned recyclates content. For us, the product has proven itself as future-oriented packaging for our pallets with high quality," confirms Sascha Hirsch.