RKW Horizon
100 % recyclable MDO films

The RKW Group is committed to its responsibility and works with its customers and partners to give plastics a sustainable perspective.

An important component of this strategy is RKW Horizon - a 100 percent recyclable MDO film made of polyethylene (PE) for packaging solutions from monomaterial laminates.

MDO technology enables the production of particularly sustainable films for flexible packaging. RKW Horizon also enables the use of post-recycled materials with the same mechanical properties as virgin materials.

RKW is investing in this future technology and will expand its production capacities in 2022 with a new nine-layer plant at the Petersaurach/Germany site.

New areas of application

Outer layer as printing replacement for PET/OPP in packaging for pet food, snacks and treats, cereals, sweets

MDO film with EVOH barrier properties for food conservation for nuts, coffee, meat, cheese

Cavitated (CaCO3 filled) white films in packaging for sealing, cold seal and pressure sensitive labels  (chocolate bars, ice cream labels) or label applications

Metallization / coating adding improved water vapor barrier for nuts, crisps and coffee

Shrink wrap film for candies and sweets


Unbeatable features


100% recyclable


Maximum product protection


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