The more diverse, the more successful

Diversity and inclusion are more than just a moral proposition; they are also an important factor in business success. This connection is proven by the study "Diversity Wins - How Inclusion Matters," for which McKinsey analyzed data from more than 1,000 companies in 15 countries. The key findings show that companies with a high level of gender diversity are 25 percent more likely to be significantly more profitable than average.

But it's not just gender that plays an important role in corporate success. It's also about building a workforce of people with different perspectives, experiences, world views, ethnicities, skills, social backgrounds and ages who come to different solutions – as an enrichment and opportunity for the company.

Equal opportunities - what does it mean?

When we talk about equal opportunities, the terms "equality" and "equity" keep popping up – but what exactly does it mean? Equality, in the sense of equal treatment, does not automatically lead to equity if unequal starting conditions and needs are not taken into account. For true equality and equity to work, different preconditions must be adapted: for example, via flexible work models, distribution of tasks according to personal strengths and weaknesses, support programs, and last but not least, a mindset that recognizes and takes into account interindividual differences. RKW also follows these efforts because we consciously feel responsible to the topic of "equity".

What contribution does RKW make?

Manufacturing companies are generally male-dominated, although diverse teams not only promote equity, but also demonstrably boost innovation and entrepreneurial performance. As a manufacturing company, we pay particular attention to successively improving this situation. At RKW, more than 28 percent of senior management positions are currently held by women, with the aim of continuously increasing this proportion. We also build on cultural diversity and now have employees from 44 different nationalities on the RKW team.

Promoting equity, diversity and inclusion (E, D&I) is a high priority at RKW, along with other diverse areas of action: For example, programs to attract and develop diverse talent, or active participation in specific events, such as World Women's Day – more info in our Sustainability Report 2020

By signing the Charta of Diversity and introducing a global E, D&I policy, we are underlining our commitment in this area."

Foto EDI

Samira Montag (Specialist Talent Acquisition), Lucia Krubasic (Director Sales Hygiene) in front of the Charta of Diversity

Inclusion - Portrait of an Optimist

Thursday, 2 p.m. "Moin," – regional short-form for good morning – echoes happily from the phone. That's right, in the north they say “Moin” all day. But Florian Lindschulten means it that way. “I'm on the night shift this week, now I've just got up.” Florian is 34 years old and works at RKW in Nordhorn as a process mechanic in extrusion. In 2004, he started his training in Nordhorn and has been working there ever since. The beginning of a common job description? Not quite, because Florian has "cystic fibrosis."

Cystic fibrosis is a congenital, incurable metabolic disease in which the formation of various body fluids is disturbed. The viscous mucus clogs, among other things, the bronchi and the excretory ducts of the internal organs. Respiration and digestion are particularly affected, and the average life expectancy is 53 years.

What sounds devastating doesn't stop Florian. He is bursting with energy: "Everyone had advised me to take a quiet job where I would not be physically challenged. An ad from RKW looking for trainees in process engineering sounded like it was the right thing to do – and it was. "I think it's great that I'm able to drive an extrusion line. That I manage to produce such complex and filigree films" – Florian is thrilled and a great enrichment for the company, both professionally and personally! Learn more here

E, D&I – a multi-layered topic that we will continue to work on!