Customer-focused Innovation

True to our corporate slogan “When excellence matters”, we continuously drive innovation and apply the latest technologies to ensure optimum results for sophisticated and individual customer requirements.

More than 60 years of experience in the production of polyethylene and polypropylene films, strong R&D activities, and innovative spirit form the foundation for excellent, sustainable products.

Innovative technologies ensure that our products are sustainable, use fewer resources, and are more easily recyclable.

At the heart of our customer-centric innovation approach, however, is a rigorous R&D process based on customers’ feedback, requirements, and close cooperation. This results in excellent products that help our clients to solve their pain points and set themselves apart from the competition.

Excellent Quality

The selection of raw materials already decides the quality of the finished products. RKW uncompromisingly uses high-quality raw materials and the materials of well-known producers to guarantee excellent quality from the outset. Further processing includes printing, coating, laminating, embossing, and perforating. The results are tailor-made high-quality products matching the requirements of demanding customers.

Research & Development

Motor for Innovation

RKW looks back on numerous innovations that have become standards in many markets. Today, the RKW development engineers work continuously every day to explore new ideas and applications, and to develop new products and production processes. The professional skills of experienced professionals and the creativity of young talented engineers are extraordinarily complementary in a team that also readily supports RKW customers in developing their own products.

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Tailor-made Products

Along with our business partners, RKW develops films, nonwovens, and also compounds, made of polyethylene and polypropylene. These are suitable for a variety of diverse markets and range from multifunctional and reliable hygiene products, through highly strainable and long-living farming products, to sustainable packaging films.


Close Cooperation

Coping with future challenges requires close interaction with partners from various fields. This is why our R&D employees cooperate intensively with customers, suppliers, universities, and the colleagues within the RKW Group. One major advantage is that our own technical facilities allow us to reproduce all production processes on a small scale.


Only continuous innovation today and in the future ensures excellent and sustainable solutions that meet the customers’ demands.

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Close to the Market

Regional presence and knowledge of local market requirements, resulting in custom product development—these are the big advantages that differentiate the Group as a global actor with 19 locations and independent distributors worldwide. Our local centers of competence foster innovation by focusing on key technologies and on the regular exchange of expertise within the corporation.

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Local Knowledge – Global Lead

All local development engineers are part of the global R&D network driven by Group R&D. Regular cross-location R&D meetings ensure efficient knowledge exchange and the creation of synergies. Lead factories are technology hubs; they develop and deploy new materials, products and processes.


For Excellent Results

Advanced technologies are the basis of our business success. True to our corporate slogan “When excellence matters", the RKW Group strives for excellent quality and performance to meet the customers’ demands. Regular investment in state-of-the-art production facilities, lines, and technologies ensure the products’ high degree of innovation and quality.

Whether polyethylene or polypropylene films, whether nonwovens or nets—RKW is a technology leaders with in-depth knowledge of production technologies.

Technology Leader

High-quality plastic films are produced by means of extrusion—either by blown film or cast film extrusion, depending on the requirements. State-of-the-art extrusion lines enable the production of films of up to seven layers that can be printed with up to ten colors in excellent quality.

RKW offers a wide range of innovative film solutions individually suited to the customers’ demands. Be it coating, laminating, embossing, or perforating—RKW’s downstream equipment enables further processing and refining to tailor the products individually to the customers’ needs.

As the first company worldwide, RKW has applied the technology of hydro-entangled and thermo-bonded spunlaid nonwovens, produced in-line on a production line. Today, RKW is a leading provider of hydro-entangled spunlaid and carded nonwovens.


RKW produces a wide portfolio of extruded films on the latest extrusion lines, plus a broad range of equipment for further processing. Our films feature different technical characteristics, depending on the application requirements, and can easily be customized.


Compounding is the process by which different raw materials of different consistencies are mixed and homogenized to form a granulate. RKW produces its exclusively mineral-filled compounds in-house. The relevant formulations are based on our many-year experience in plastics production.


The RKW Group is one of the leading manufacturers of round-bale nets in Europe. As the inventor of the round-bale net, RKW had used warp knitting looms, which are also called “Raschel machines”, for their production for the first time.


RKW produces an extensive range, from film to nonwoven laminates for many different markets, using a variety of technologies. (The range does not include aluminum or PET film.)

Hydro-entangled Spunlaid Nonwovens

In addition to carded and spunbond nonwovens, RKW produces hydro-entangled spunlaid nonwovens. In production, the individual filaments are joined using strong water jets.

Finishing Technology

Be it stretching, embossing, perforating, laminating, or printing—RKW has a perfect command of any technology used for further processing and refining the films and nonwovens to meet the customers’ requirements.