Our values

RKW is a value-based company. Our corporate values do not only contribute to our business success, but also provide added value for our customers, business partners, and employees.

Respect and reliability are our core values. They show what RKW stands for and they are an essential part of our company philosophy.


To us, respect stands for mutual regard and openness. This applies both internally and externally. When it comes to our customers and stakeholders, we strive to earn their respect day by day. 

At the same time, respect plays a vital role in the workplace. To us, respect at work and towards every single employee is an essential part of establishing a healthy and motivating work environment. We value our employees for their individual and collective accomplishments, capabilities, and qualities. 


RKW stands for reliability – towards our customers, our employees, but also the general public. Our customers can count on the reliable delivery, quality, and functionality of our products and services. And we keep our promises to our employees and customers.

Likewise, sustainability plays a central role for the RKW Group. We are committed to our responsibility as a plastics manufacturer and work continuously with our customers and partners to give plastics a sustainable perspective.