Performers. People. Possibilities.

Innovative films and nonwovens from RKW keep babies’ skin dry and improve hygiene for young and old alike. By manufacturing better agricultural films and nets, we help to achieve high-yield and high-quality harvests. Many everyday products are hygienically and attractively packaged using RKW packaging film. They are lighter, cleaner, and safer to transport and can be stored with a longer shelf life. At RKW, 3,000 employees develop, manufacture, and market ever more efficient films and nonwovens across four continents. What motivates these highly diverse people and what unites them?

On the hunt for the best ideas

“We want to produce the best plastic films and offer the best value for money in a way that is smart, efficient, and easy on resources,” says RKW CEO Harald Biederbick. For the people who work at RKW, this means that we want to keep on improving our products and our services as well as ourselves. RKW provides a great deal of freedom for people to contribute their ideas and suggestions and actively encourages them to take the initiative, because it is ultimately their contribution and initiative that play a key role in their careers at RKW and the company’s success.

RKW Group - Eddi-Chong

“Every person has good ideas, but we won’t hear them if we don’t listen. RKW has embraced this fact.” Eddie Chong (Manager, RKW Guangzhou, China)

“When excellence matters” is the corporate slogan of RKW. We develop solutions that make the difference with their outstanding properties. Good ideas are not only produced in the research and development department at RKW. Whether in production or sales, when operating an extrusion machine or talking to our customers, new ideas and the courage to think ahead in every area of our company make us successful and strong.

We set clear performance targets with our employees. However, at the same time, we encourage every single one of them not to think strictly straight ahead, because sometimes a hidden path leads to completely new approaches – and a seemingly circuitous route actually turns out to be a shortcut to the goal.

“I like the open corporate culture.” June Kroll (Manager, Group Controlling and Projects)

RKW Group - June-Kroll

The desire to push boundaries

Keep on improving: What does this mean in practical terms? We celebrate our successes, but we do not rest on our laurels.

Here are some of our achievements:

  • We have reduced the thickness of diaper films by between 50 and 60 percent within the space of around 20 years, enabling us to save a huge amount of raw materials and cut CO2
  • We have developed agricultural films that are 100 percent recyclable.

We have launched onto the market packaging products for goods in powder form that deaerate themselves and thus keep the contents perfectly dry.

Our Business Mission:

„With sustainable film solutions, we enable our customers to improve the daily live of consumers all over the world.”

Do you find this interesting? So do we! We are driven by boundaries. That’s because we have seen how they can be continuously pushed and redefined by every single person’s excellence and determination to drive change. We test what is possible every day – both for our customers’ success and for the quality of life of future generations. In doing so, we always remain true to our business mission: “With sustainable film solutions, we enable our customers to improve the daily lives of consumers all over the world.”

Respect for your goals

We are open to our employees’ suggestions. We acknowledge initiative and good work and think that every employee at RKW should earn respect for such work.

Mutual respect is also part of our culture. Just like our constant search for innovations, it unites people at RKW – across continents. Whether you wish to grow at one particular location in your home country or develop personally and professionally on the international stage, we will respect and support your goals. In turn, you enjoy the best of both worlds – the dynamism of a global player and the reliability of a privately managed family-run company.