Industrial mechanics, formerly known as plant fitters, keep things running in a plant. They take care of maintenance, they inspect, they set up and retool. We talked to two apprentices at the Wasserburg site about their experiences during their training at RKW.

Anyone learning the trade of industrial mechanic at RKW in Wasserburg starts at the very beginning - in the training workshop. Here, the young people learn the basics of how to handle tools and materials. The  Wasserburg site has been training apprentices since 1968 and has since then accompanied several generations of well-trained skilled personnel.

What are the tasks of industrial mechanics?

  • Maintenance of the equipment
  • Repair and elimination of mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic malfunctions
  • Restarting the machines and equipment after functional tests
  • Setting up the machines during production changeover

16-year-old Lisa is in her first year of training and the first female industrial mechanic at the Wasserburg site. Her journey at RKW began even before her current apprenticeship. First at her school, when RKW Wasserburg's training manager, Martin Fleidl, came for job application training: "We practiced a job interview and that's when we came up with the job opportunities at RKW," Lisa says. After finishing school, she decided to do an internship at RKW to see if RKW and also the work of an industrial mechanic suited her. She liked the internship and the environment so much that she subsequently applied for an apprenticeship.

We asked Lisa whether she felt disadvantaged or uncomfortable in a profession dominated by men. She said it was strange to be the only woman, but she didn't feel disadvantaged either. What was clear to Lisa was that she wanted her career choice to depend on her interests and nothing else. "I think that many other women definitely enjoy and are interested in this or similar technical professions. But they often don't know that they would be welcome and therefore don't dare," Lisa said.

Justus, on the other hand, is already in his fourth and final year of training and is still fully convinced of his decision even towards the end of his training period. "There is always something new to do and the team spirit and helpfulness among the apprentices is also very good," Justus thinks. What he likes most is working on orders himself. That's the best way to see what you can do. Justus also appreciates the fact that Wasserburg offers a lot of opportunities and takes a lot of time for the apprentices; this was especially important at the beginning, so that one could familiarize oneself without time pressure.

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